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Is Paul Henderson Chilliwack fired? What did he do and where is he now?

There is speculation among the public as to whether or not Paul Henderson of Chilliwack has been fired.


In a recent controversy over the near drowning of a child in Chilliwack, British Columbia, a community newspaper editor named Paul Henderson found himself in the spotlight.

Henderson’s insensitive comments following the incident led to his dismissal from Chilliwack Progress, where he had worked as a reporter and editor for a significant period.


The incident highlighted the sensitivity required when discussing tragic events and differing beliefs within a community.

This article is intended to provide an overview of the incident, discussing Henderson’s actions, the consequences he faced, and his current whereabouts.

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Is Paul Henderson Chilliwack fired?

Paul Henderson, a journalist and editor for Chilliwack Progress, was in fact fired of his post due to the controversy surrounding his comments on social media.

The incident unfolded shortly after the near drowning of three-year-old Azaryah Hope, who was rescued from Cultus Lake. Henderson’s firing came just a day after the incident, indicating that the newspaper’s management responded quickly to her comments.

Henderson mocked the family’s faith, calling the prayers “superstitious nonsense.” The newspaper’s management acted quickly and apologized for Henderson’s comments.

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He publicly apologized, acknowledging his callousness and bad timing. Henderson said that she intended to focus on first responders.

The incident sparked discussions of religious conservatism at Chilliwack, where Henderson believes influential pressure played a role in his firing. The details of his current situation and his future plans are unknown.

What did Paul Henderson do?

Paul Henderson, an active commentator on community issues, took to social media to express his views on the call to prayer after the Chilliwack near-drowning incident.

In a June 1 tweet, he called the prayers and the call to prayer “superstitious nonsense” and urged people to support emergency responders.

Henderson’s comments caused significant backlash online, with many finding his comments insensitive, inappropriate, and mocking Christian beliefs.

Henderson acknowledged the insensitivity and poor timing of his comments in a public post on his Facebook page. He apologized to the Hope family for his words and acknowledged that he had done a “bad job” in conveying his intent.

In subsequent interviews, Henderson said his goal was to shift the focus to first responders, such as paramedics, firefighters, police officers and search-and-rescue volunteers, who deal with tragedy on a daily basis and use their expertise to save lives.

Where is Paul Henderson now?

Following his dismissal from The Chilliwack Progress, Paul Henderson’s current whereabouts and professional status remain unknown.

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However, it should be noted that Henderson is an integral part of the community, having covered the eastern Fraser Valley Township for 17 years as a journalist and editor.

His firing sparked conversations about the influence of religious conservatism in Chilliwack, an area often called British Columbia’s “Bible Belt” where a significant portion of the population identifies as Christian.

In his comments to Postmedia News, Henderson expressed his belief that his firing was an overreaction influenced by pressure from the religious right, which he described as an influential contingent in the eastern Fraser Valley.


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