Wife of Ron Sexton aka Donnie Baker: Was the radio personality married? Family ethnicity

Ron Sexton’s wife, Tracey Horen Sexton, is mourning the loss of her husband, who has died at the age of 52. Let’s explore his marriage and her family in more detail.


Ron Sexton, known as Donnie Baker, was a renowned radio host and comedian. The late American comedian became famous for casting the role of Donnie Baker on The BOB & TOM Show.

In addition to that, Sexton also worked for the broadcast department of the NFL’s Indianapolis Colts. Not only that, but as a radio personality, he served on Fox Sports Radio.


While working at Fox Sports Radio, Sexton combined his love of sports with his acting skills. Also, Sexton had a good relationship with many people and now everyone is mourning his death.

Wife of Ron Sexton aka Donnie Baker: Was the radio personality married?

Ron Sexton aka Donnie Baker was married to his wife who is said to be called Tracey Horen Sexton. Many sources claimed that the Sexton couple lived a happy life for a long time.

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However, Ron was very secretive when it came to his personal matters. Due to his low-key nature, none of the verified media sources have been able to follow up on reports of his marriage.

With his wife, he lived a low-key life staying away from media prominence. Meanwhile, Ron’s wife, Tracey, is an active Facebook user and has been posting photos with her partner from her account.

She is a supportive partner and Tracey has been with Ron at every stage of his career.

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Ron Sexton’s Family Life: Meet His Children and Parents

Ron Sexton was a family member who spent most of his free time with loved ones. Sexton and his wife, married a long time, had already started their own family.

Ron and Tracey apparently gave birth to five children: Eric, Alex, Abigail, Aliah, and Ila. the totality she is currently mourning the loss of Ron, who died at the age of 52.

The family posted the tragic news via Ron’s Facebook page and also asked for family privacy. Also, Ron’s wife had posted photos with her children on Facebook.

These images clearly showed the loving bond of the entire family. Other than that, Sexton was born to loving parents of hers in the United States of America.

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At this time, their names are not available in the public domain as Sexton has always maintained high confidentiality in his life.

Exploring the ethnicity and origin of Ron Sexton

Ron Sexton’s actual ethnicity remains unclear as none of the media sources gave any details about it. However, it can be confirmed that he had US citizenship.

On top of that, Sexton was from Indianapolis, where he spent his childhood. Further information about the radio personality’s early life is unknown.

It also cannot be confirmed if Ron had siblings or not. In college, Sexton did sports reporting for the Indianapolis-based radio station Franklin Central High School. Additionally, Sexton went to Butler University.

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