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Boston Cop Slide Video Goes Viral: Officer Injured After Mishap

A Boston cop slide video capturing a police officer sliding off a playground slide became an internet sensation, amassing millions of views and igniting a flurry of social media reactions. 

An incident occurred at City Hall Plaza, causing minor injuries to the officer. 

In the video, the officer, dressed in full uniform, unfortunately, went down the slide and hit his head on the opposite side before coming to a stop at the bottom. 

Despite the accident, the officer used his medical insurance to seek treatment and has resumed his duties.

The Boston Police and Mayor Michelle Wu responded to the incident, expressing concerns about public safety and promising to investigate further.

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What actually happened?

The video shows the officer, wearing his full uniform, taking a ride down the newly installed slide. 

Loud banging noises can be heard, and then the officer abruptly appears at the opening of the slide feet first on his stomach. 

He hits his head on the other side before launching onto the rubber surface at the bottom, losing his handcuffs and other items from his belt as he skids to a stop.

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After the slide, the officer slowly gets to his feet as a laughing onlooker can be heard asking why the slide was so fast. 

When he stands up, he exclaims, “Oh f*,” before the clip cuts off.

According to a spokesperson for the Boston Police, the officer suffered minor injuries and used his own personal medical insurance to be treated. 

The officer lost no time and has returned to work. 

The department confirmed that no disciplinary action is being taken against the officer, and they have no plans to investigate the incident.

Reactions of Boston Police and Mayor Michelle Wu:

After the Boston cop slide video went viral on social media, reporters asked Mayor Michelle Wu for her comments on the incident. 

In relation to the depicted moments in the video, she acknowledged her unawareness of the preceding events. 

However, she pledged to investigate and check on the officer’s well-being. 

The issue of appropriate signage in public spaces was also raised, highlighting the importance of preventing similar incidents in the future. 

The incident was also addressed by the Boston Police Department, with Sergeant Detective John Boyle confirming awareness of the video. 

Additionally, the officer involved utilized personal medical insurance for treatment, and only sustained minor injuries. 

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The department clarified that no investigation was being conducted.

Playground safety

The slide in question is part of a playground area at City Hall Plaza that reopened after a renovation in November. 

Signage indicates that the slide is “not intended for adult use” and should only be used by children ages 5 to 12.

Several other videos online show adults making the descent anyway with similar results as the police officer. 

A clip posted on TikTok in May showed a woman flying out of the tube on her stomach, crash landing at the bottom.

The teacher posted a follow-up video revealing a massive lump on her forehead.

Final thoughts

The video of the Boston police officer sliding off the playground slide has generated many reactions and sparked conversations about playground safety. 

The incident, which resulted in minor injuries to the officer, serves as a reminder of the significance of following signs and warning labels in public areas. 

Public officials are currently investigating the incident, prioritizing the safety of all citizens.


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