Shark attack egypt 2023 video leaked on reddit, Horrifying Video Shows Man Killed twitter

The tragedy occurred after a shark attacked and ate a tourist who was swimming with his father on a beach in Hurghada, in Egypt’s Red Sea.

The photos were taken by some of the nearby boats, which were unable to do anything to save his life.


In the video, the man was swimming to the edge of the Dream Beach Sheraton when the animal suddenly startled him and began attacking him.

When the fin of a large shark appeared next to him, the boy began to move aimlessly.


The victim, a 23-year-old man who was on vacation with his father, was even heard yelling “daddy, daddy” until the water turned completely red.

“Oh Lord!” another tourist can be heard yelling.

The man remained motionless, and the lifeboat had just arrived when the shark reappeared, but it was too late to save his life.

“A Russian citizen was killed in a shark attack,” TASS said, citing Viktor Voropayev, Russia’s consul general in Hurghada.

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The same news source later identified the victim as ‘V. Popov’.

What kind of sharks are in the Red Sea?
Reef sharks: They live in coral reefs and can reach almost two meters in size.

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Hammerhead sharks: Main predators in the region.

Mako shark: this species has made nine attacks on humans between 1580 and 2022.

Mako sharks: They weigh between 150 and 200 kg.

Oceanic Whitetip: One of the least aggressive sharks in the Red Sea.

Tiger Shark: Incredibly fast.

Jaws: King of the Sharks is all over the Mediterranean.

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